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Are You a HR Department-of-One? HR DOOers Unite!

Introducing our
Exclusive Coaching Membership Dedicated to
HR DOOers Transforming You &
Your HR Department! 

Taking You From Feeling Over-worked, Under-appreciated & Stressed-out
To Being More Confident, Strategic and Aligned!

​You joined the field of HR because you want to make a difference,
you want to help people,
you want to make your team's work/lives more enjoyable
and help the company succeed;
but you're becoming a bit frustrated,
on the verge of burnout and not sure how to turn it around.

​I get it!
​I was there too.
​And I discovered a way to turn it around and am now ready to share it with you.

Have you heard about the NEW
HR DOOers Circle
​Coaching Membership?

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned HR DOOer, this one-of-its-kind community is designed specifically for small business HR professionals solely responsible for the HR functions
inside their organization.

If you are a solo HR Manager, an HR leader of 1 or 1.5,
an operations leader responsible for many business areas including HR,
I want to help simplify your work/life so you love your job.

I understand the unique challenges HR DOOers face because I spent many years as an HR DOOer myself at various family-owned businesses and organizations​.

​I learned how to create the biggest impact with little resources and want that for you as well.

Are You a ROOKIE...
Just starting out in your career, or not yet sure how to create sustainable impact?​
-Inside the Membership you'll realize your unique strengths and the value you bring.
-You'll align your personal values, mission & vision to your organization.
-You'll finally discover the root causes creating a "glass ceiling" to your success.

Are You a CONCIERGE...
Serving as the culture care-taker responsible for the employee experience?
-Inside the Membership you'll learn how to maximize your resources.
-You'll realize you're not alone, and how your relationships will get things done faster.
-You may just meet your "HR Besties" inside this exclusive community!

Are You a CHAMPION...
Fighting for others and an advocate of your company and the field of HR?
-Inside the Membership you'll champion yourself, your strengths and your contribution to the organization.
-Celebrate your impact through tangible ROI metrics.
-Give back and share your wisdom with others inside the Circle.

And, as your HR Coach, I'll be your CHAMPION! 
Experience my ardent defense of you and your success as someone who has walked in your shoes and came out the other side with some simple, yet transformative strategies.

You may have had success in the past but it's not sustained.

Perhaps you're experiencing back-sliding in your goals or just unable to sustain any type of momentum with your influence inside the company.

Or, you've tried to get people to see you in a different light, but they aren't seeing it and are keeping you inside "their little box of you".

I know, it's frustrating!

But that's why I'm thrilled to be offering this exciting community to those who are solo HR DOOers responsible for the HR functions and don't have a lot of support.

I want to walk you through this Success Path as an HR DOOer.

Inside this exclusive coaching membership you'll go through a personal and professional transformation.

Similar to a caterpillar going through chrysalis and transforming into a butterfly, it is the caterpillar's destiny to become a butterfly.

And whether you believe it or not, I believe it is YOUR DESTINY to become a strong, confident, aligned, impactful HR DOOer.

I know you can do it!

​Don't try to do it alone!

This will be the lowest price offered and will go up when we launch to the general public.

Your price will always remain at this lowest price offered as long as you remain a founding member in good standing.

If this excites you too, then jump in now.

If you're ready to make the shift and experience unparalleled growth and confidence then this is your next step.

How It all Started...

I was frustrated and on the verge of quitting

ACADEMY Enrollment is OPEN



I've cracked the code on how to be known as the trusted and strategic HR expert without overworking and feeling out of balance. Our programs have pinpointed what's important and what's not and we simplify everything so you maximize your time (& increase your company's ROI.)

I put my blood, sweat and tears into curating this methodology so that you don’t have to.

The method that has worked for me can work for you too, and it’s only available inside this highly specialized group coaching program.

Let's work together to truly create a department that will get the results you really want.

Without this, you will likely be working way too much with little impact and inconsistent results to show for it.

Don't do that to yourself-let others help you!

As an HR DOOer (Dept-of-One) I spent years hustling, trying to do it all and get ahead-working around the clock, launching new HR initiatives from the hottest HR guru on how to drive employee engagement and retention and I felt like I could never gain any traction or break out of this little box I was put in.

I’ll never forget the day that everything changed.

Long story short- a group of employees was suppose to get a pay raise but I wasn't told so they didn't. 🤦🏽‍♀️ They were pissed and I had to clean up the mess.

I realized at that moment, I had ENOUGH. Enough of not being invited to meetings, enough of not knowing what was happening, enough of being seen as a simple administrator when I knew I was capable of more.

I made the decision right then and there to OWN the HR Department, OWN my career, OWN the way I show up every day and start showing how an ACTIVE HR Department can impact the organization.

After a heart to heart talk with my CEO boss, and a new approach to my job, I started getting invited to meetings, impacting those meetings, and implementing meaningful HR initiatives the company needed. I began noticing we were not only attracting the right job candidates but we were engaging and retaining them for years.

This powerful system actually retained 95% of our top talent.

This simple shift changed the trajectory of the impact I had on the organizations I supported over the decades to come.

Looking for an ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM to build your skills and create systems that get results?

Are you ready to cut through the noise and learn the SIMPLE system?

​Join the WAIT LIST for our next 12-week Training Cohort

ACTIVE HR: Modern Strategies to Influence Change and Get Results

  • A: You'll learn how to connect with and attract your people - those committed and engaged in your company's mission
  • ​C: You'll learn where to find allies internally and externally and how to foster those relationships
  • ​T: You'll learn my secret methodology to approach the HR tech stack
  • ​I: You'll learn the most critical employee touchpoints of focus and the power one person has on influencing retention
  • ​V: You'll learn how to measure your success by creating a custom dashboard showcasing your influence
  • E: You'll learn how to create an irresistible offer and employee value proposition that attracts and retains your talent

Let me guess, you're BEYOND frustrated with...


It seems like employees just quit out of nowhere and leave us scrambling to hire a replacement ASAP.

Apathetic Employees

Some employees seem not to care about their jobs, their teammates or the company's success since they get paid either way.


It's hard to judge whether or not they are happy at work, when they are silent, don't provide feedback or even read the communications.


It's often difficult to talk with someone who isn't meeting expectations and things rarely change after the first conversation.


Way too many online courses claiming to be able to eliminate all of
your talent frustrations but the REALITY IS

They are short-sided.

They are designed to teach but don't offer a clear action plan to follow, ongoing guidance or any kind or support to ensure you get the results you were expecting when you enrolled!


We not only teach a system to get results, but our program and weekly group coaching will answer your burning implementation questions so you experience results immediately!

What would it mean to you to have an extra HR Consultant available to you in your back pocket?

It doesn't have to be so hard...
​You were NEVER meant to do this ALONE!

Modern Strategies to Influence Change

Data Driven Approach Designed to

Drive ROI

Decreasing Turnover Costs and Increasing Revenue
in 12-weeks

ACTIVE HR Curriculum

Attract People Who Love You & Become Brand Ambassadors 

Little Known Strategies that Have a Big Impact on Retention

Skyrocket Your Reputation with Real Connections

Stop Struggling, Start Winning and Keep Score

Avoid the #1 Mistake HR DOOers Make

Unveiling the Secrets to a Culture Employees Can't Resist

This 3-month premium experience includes the high touch service and support you deserve, along with the accountability you need.
Follow a clear roadmap to help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible (in 3-months or less).

We analyze what you currently doing, where you want to be and provide a clear step-by-step system
to bridge the gap-- simple as that!

NO MAJOR SYSTEMS OVERHAUL- You don't need that!

You may just need to optimize a few things you're already doing
We'll give you a simple system to follow!

Keeping it simple- allows you to make the biggest and quickest impact in your organization.

The ACTIVE HR Experience focuses on the newest leadership approaches and HR best practices in hiring, engagement and retention strategies.

We teach what works.
We coach to get results.

What others are saying...

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No obligation, it might or might not be the right match for you right now.
If not, I'll share other resources to help you.

There is currently a WAITING LIST for this 12-week Program

Here's a Thought...

What if Employee Retention didn't
have to be so hard?


I'm glad you're here. We may just have something for you.

➕ Enjoying a "Strong Bench" of Leaders Ready to Step Up when Needed.

➕ Relishing in Your Strong Culture and On-line Brand Reputation.

➕ Acknowledged in the Industry as a Thought Leader and a Great Place to Work!

➕ Showing up for Work Excited, Less Stressed
& Fully Supported by Those Around You!

I know it's possible because...

➕ I've been in your shoes and understand the daily frustrations & how to overcome them.

➕ I've created strong, reputable HR Departments that get company results for decades

➕ I've seen what works in different industries and cultures

➕ I know what HR systems are a waste of time

➕ Our coaching program is designed to maximize your results through accountability

➕ If you don't get the results we promise, we'll keep working with you for FREE until you do

Imagine creating significant impact by...

➕ Knowing Exactly Where to Focus so Results are Realized Much Faster than Expected.

➕ Effortlessly Attracting Your Ideal Candidates so You Aren't Struggling to Fill Openings.

➕ Having a Strong Pipeline of Qualified Applicants Interested in Your Company.

➕ Using Only the Key Talent Management Strategies that Get Results 

➕ Appreciating a High Performing Team and the Pride of Ownership that Goes with that.

➕ Fully Engaging Your Top Talent with a Retention Plan that Excites.

➕ Reducing Your Customer Churn Rate with Your Tenured, Knowledgeable Staff.

➕ Experiencing Raving Customer Fans who Love Your Company/Products/Services.

➕ YOU and Your company are unique and when you tap into that - you'll be UNSTOPPABLE!

Hi there!

I'm Kristi Learn, SHRM-SCP

With the rising costs of employee turnover recently estimated to be 1-2x an employee's annual salary, small business owners are relying on HR to reduce turnover costs without a clear action plan. I know the frustrations you face on a daily basis and the good news is I have created a practical system and coaching  program that will save you time and money (and have FUN!)

As a former HR corporate leader and Department-of-One (DOOer), I understand the unique positions DOOers are in. I provide a safe community that supports solo HR practitioners to maximize systems that achieve a remarkable 95% top talent retention rate through online courses and coaching programs.

My mission is to help solo HR practitioners build the skills & systems they need to attract and retain top talent- even without a lot of help. 

I know how important the role of HR is in the organization and I've seen my share of great folks leave the profession due to overwhelm & lack of support. I don't want that for you & I want to help you make it a dream profession for yourself.

I know it was for me! Still is actually, because I get to work with amazing HR people like yourself!

Together  let's focus on a customized plan to get the results you’ve been struggling to achieve.


ADVISOR / STIMULATORs have an unshakable belief in success and clarity on how to achieve it. They are at their best solving other people's problems and
encouraging us to keep at it.
This combination offers practical solutions and
gets people excited about what they are about to do-making them an excellent performance coach.

-From Stand Out Strengths Assessment
(Marcus Buckingham)




We are strong communicators which of course includes listening. We often hear what's not being said  -- getting to the heart of the matter.


We believe trust is earned. When we say you can depend on us, we mean it!
We are honest & predicable to a fault.


In a world that often times seems to be overcomplicated & hard, we thrive on providing clear, straight-forward
(no fluff) solutions.


Living a rich life filled with emotion and connection calls us to serve. We're obsessed with expressing what fires us up!


We know collaboration  creates the very best solutions. We are the best at curating the magic together.

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