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March 6th  11:00am PST |  2:00pm EST



“What Every HR DOOer (Dept-Of-One) Needs To Grasp Regarding... 

How to Turn Your Current Job into Your Dream Job

Let 2024 Be the Year You Get Your Dream Job

Do you find yourself going through the motions in your job?
Are you considering leaving so you finally realize your full potential?
Do you feel like you're stuck and not progressing in your current job?
Do you feel your missing something that others have?
Are you uninspired with your job duties each day?

Let's change that!

Learn How to CREATE Your Dream Job so You Don't Have to Quit Your Current Job

In This 1-Hour Masterclass You'll Learn How

❤ Love Your Job
❤ Love the Work You Do Everyday
❤ Love Your Department and it's Positive Reputation
❤ Love Your Company and the Impact You Have
❤ Love Your Company Culture
❤ Love Your Relationships
❤ Love Your Life!

Don't wait around thinking something will change or that you have to quit and find another job because guess what?
The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side!

Learn from someone who has been there, done that, made all the mistakes and figured out how to do things differently.

​Learn How to LOVE your job AND make an impact at work!


Kristi Learn, SHRM-SCP
​Human Resources Coach & Consultant

Kristi Learn provides community support, coaching & consulting to solo HR practitioners who are struggling with balancing the daily emergencies with strategic planning.

She's the originator and proprietor of Kristi Learn Coaching & Consulting, where she provides HR visionaries mentorship in their roles.

As an HR practitioner herself, Kristi has spent decades working in different businesses across industries, many of them as a Department of One.

She credits CREATING A DREAM JOB to much of the business success she experienced over the years; whether driving growth, sustainability, efficiencies or improved satisfaction.

​Her expertise in this area, is your gain....providing a simple framework that will build the foundation for your very own Dream Job!

Using Our Simple Framework You'll Uncover The Elements Inside Your Dream Job 

  • Describe: In vivid detail your dream job
  • Reality: What is working, what's not?
  • Enhance: What skills need developing?
  • ​​Align: With Company for maximum impact
  • ​Measure: What does success look like? - All Rights Reserved-2024​
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